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Civil law 

Civil laws concerns relations between physical individuals and moral individuals in private law.

It raises the civil jurisdictions and its rules as a result of the french civil code.

The concerned jurisdictions of civil law are notably :

  • Family court
  • Employment Tribunal
  • District Court


Commercial law

Commercial law is a section of private law and specifically business law, governing the exercise of the profession of commerce and defining the juridical regime applicable to the acts of commerce.


Drafting of acts

  Commercial leases

  • Drafting
  • Revision of rent
  • De-restriction
  • litigation of the evaluation of rental value
  Sale of commercial funds
  • Drafting of the acts of the sale of commercial funds
  • Drafting of the assignment of lease rights
  Assistance to the courts
  • Action on payments
  • Recovery of debts
 Commercial litigation
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